If you are interested in joining our team of therapists please contact us by e mail or telephone but please make time to read the following first.

As a part of Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy you must be a good team member but also happy with working on your own.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly hard working team who have our patients well being as a priority.

Insight into the needs of patients and their families, the long term demands of coping with a major life incident/illness is essential as part of our work. This insight enables us to focus more clearly on the important aspects of the rehabilitation which will improve the function and quality of our patients lives – their goals.

We need to be able to interpret these goals and break them down into relevant treatment goals.

Our role is then to communicate these treatment goals in an understandable meaningful way to our patients and families.

Most importantly we need to deliver these treatments effectively to our patients.

As an ongoing part of our work we will evaluate our outcomes, our patient and treatment goals.

These outcomes may vary from been successful in maintaining someones condition or to helping them being able to toilet themselves or to returning to work or fell walking – all in a days challenges at work!!

We consider it essential that our skills and knowledge are at the ‘cutting edge’ which is why we all attend regular inservice training and support attendance of relevant courses.

Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy is also used as a venue for some courses.

Only if you think you would fit into our dynamic enthusiastic team and would ENJOY it contact us by e mail or telephone!