Falls Rehabilitation & Prevention 

Falls Rehabilitation & Prevention 

Anyone can have a fall, but the chances of falling greatly increase for people over 65 and those with long-term health conditions.

The NHS reports “Around one in three adults over 65 and half of people over 80 will have at least one fall a year.”

As we age our body, and particularly our bones, become weaker. This makes the chances of a more serious injury such as fractures more likely.

Why do people fall?

There’s a variety of reasons why people may have a fall such as:

  • Muscle weakness, particularly in the legs
  • Reduced balance and speed of reflexes
  • Worsening eyesight or hearing
  • Reduced confidence which may change how we move
  • Certain medications may make you feel dizzy, weak or tired
  • Whilst recovering from an illness or injury
  • Living with a neurological condition such as Stroke, Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis
  • Medical problems such as high or low blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease

Other common issues which make falls more likely to happen are:

  • Poorly fitting shoes or slippers
  • Dimly lit rooms
  • Unsecured carpets and rugs
  • Wet or recently polished floors
  • When needing to rush to the toilet during the day or night

What to do if you have had a fall or are fearful of falling

Fortunately, there are many things which can be done to help reduce the chances of future falls along with improving the fear of falling.

At Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy we help individuals who:

  • Are worried about falling
  • Have a history of falls or may be recovering from a recent fall
  • Would like to improve their confidence when standing and moving around
  • Would like to continue living as independently as possible

Our physiotherapists are highly experienced in carrying out falls assessments with people who have fallen or people who are at risk of falls. Discovering the main reasons and risks of falling is the first stage in developing an individual prevention programme.

Once we discover the main issues a well-designed exercise programme which works on both strength and balance exercises can be highly effective.

If you or a loved one has suffered a fall or have concerns about falling, please give our friendly team a call to see how we can help.

We are able to provide our treatment at our fully equipped rehabilitation centre in Ormskirk or in the comfort of your own home or care home. Sessions carried out in your own home or care home will allow us to fully assess your environment as part of the falls assessment.

As a team of physiotherapists, we are able to provide home visits across the north west including all areas of Liverpool, Southport, St Helens and Ormskirk.

Patients visiting our rehabilitation centre will find accessible parking and toilet facilities.

For some handy tips on avoiding a fall check out this article on the Age UK website.

For all enquiries please call our friendly reception team on 01695 574317 or make an Online Enquiry