Stroke Recovery & Rehabilitation

Stroke Recovery & Rehabilitation

What is a stroke?

People can suffer a stroke, also known as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted. This may occur due to a blood clot known as an ischemic stroke or a bleed in the brain known as a haemorrhagic stroke. Each individual stroke is unique and can cause mild or severe damage to the brain.

A transient ischaemic attack (TIA), also known as a mini-stroke is the same as a stroke however this term is used when the symptoms resolve within 24 hours.

Stroke survivors are often left with long-term problems affecting the way the body works. Depending on where the stroke takes place in the brain it can also change the way you think, feel and communicate.

Stroke symptoms

These are some common effects we see in our stroke patients:

  • Weakness or paralysis down one side of the body
  • Sensation changes including numbness or pins and needles
  • Difficulty standing up and balancing
  • Trouble with walking
  • Loss of confidence with standing and moving
  • Post-stroke pain, often affecting the shoulder
  • Muscle tightness which can lead to contractures
  • Changes to the way people speak and communicate
  • Problems with eating and drinking
  • Post-stroke fatigue
  • Depression and low mood

Stroke recovery

The brain is amazing! Due to ‘neuroplasticity’, it has the ability to re-wire itself following injury which is the basis of recovery following a stroke. This process begins immediately after having a stroke and can continue for years.

It is widely agreed that rehabilitation and in particular neuro physiotherapy should begin as soon as possible in order to maximise recovery after stroke.

At Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy we have been treating people who have suffered strokes of all types for over 30 years. We strongly believe that the vast majority of stroke survivors can continue to make improvements for many months and years following their stroke.

If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke and feel that further progress can be made, a specialist neuro physiotherapist can be of enormous help. Our fantastic team of neuro physiotherapists are able to treat all types of stroke so please get in touch.

We are able to provide treatments at our fully equipped rehabilitation centre which is based in Ormskirk with accessible parking and toilet facilities. We also provide neuro physiotherapy home visits. We cover a wide area across the north west of England including Liverpool, Southport, St Helen’s, Ormskirk and surrounding areas.

Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy is committed to making specialist neuro physiotherapy affordable for all. Please see our prices page for further information.

To find out more about stroke and the local support available check out the Stroke Association’s website here.

For all enquiries please call our friendly reception team on 01695 574317 or make an Online Enquiry