What is Neuro Physiotherapy

Neurophysiotherapy provides rehabilitation to individuals who have had an injury to their nervous system from either an accident, disease or other medical events. The central nervous system uses specific pathways and programs for movement control. When the central nervous system is injured there can be problems with movement control. Neurophysiotherapy specifically assesses the individual’s movement problems and through treatment aims to restore more efficient movement, thereby improving functional abilities. The concepts of treatment used are predominantly Bobath, Movement Science (Carr and Shepherd) and re-education of normal movement.

Will It help me?

There are several factors that are considered with regard to potential improvements when a client is assessed. While everyone’s needs are different, it is rare that an individual with a neurological impairment will present without any areas that can be improved by physiotherapy. Individuals will be encouraged to define their treatment goals and the potential to achieve these goals and progress is discussed on an individual basis between the physiotherapist and the patient.

How long will I require Neuro Physiotherapy

The length of time a person attends physiotherapy depends on the individual goals and the person’s potential for change. Improvements are assessed on a regular basis by many different methods. Once an individual’s goals are met, or their progress stabilizes, treatment will be re-assessed. It may be that new goals need to be set and treatment continued, or that the individual can be given exercises to maintain themselves and after a period of time would benefit from a review session to re-assess the need to update exercises etc. Some people benefit from being seen on a  regular basis but less frequently to maintain their function.

The frequency of treatment is also dependent on each individual’s needs and is determined in discussion with the client. The following is considered when deciding the number of sessions required per week: the client’s schedule outside of therapy eg work, other commitments, clients treatment goals, activity tolerance and funding.

I have been told I need a Bobath Physiotherapist are you that?

All our physiotherapists are Bobath Trained Physiotherapists. This is a concept of treatment which addresses the re-education of  ‘Normal Movement’, this is the predominant concept we use although other concepts are also incorporated such as the Movement Science approach which is different but still addresses Normal Movement and Functional Goals. Our concern is to rehabilitate in the most appropriate way which helps you to achieve your goals and for you to gain as near normal quality functional movement as you are able.

What should I bring to my first visit?

For an initial assessment, it is always helpful to wear loose comfortable clothing that can allow the physiotherapist a clearer observation of physical movement. It is recommended that a client wear shorts and a T-shirt or tank top for optimal analysis and treatment. Any portable therapeutic equipment such as splints or walking aids should also be brought in so that the physiotherapist can assess their impact on movement. It is also helpful to bring any medical records that are related to your reason for referral as well as a list of current medications that you are taking.

Can therapy be provided in my home or do I have to come to the clinic?

Here at Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy, we provide Assessments and Treatment sessions either at the Rehab center or in your home/ nursing home etc.

How long is a session?

Usually sessions are 45 minutes but they can be an hour or longer depending on your needs. This will be discussed and pre-arranged before making your appointment.

The first assessment session is usually longer and may take 60 or 90 minutes, depending on your needs. There is a standard charge for the first assessment, this is slightly higher if you are assessed at home.

Do I need a Doctors referral?

No, but you may need a referral letter from your doctor if you are claiming on health insurance.
We usually ask for signed consent from yourselves so that when we write to your doctor they are able to divulge any relevant medical information.

Can I be treated by Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy and by the NHS?

There is usually no reason why you can not receive therapy from both the NHS and Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy. Our Chartered Society recommends when both parties are involved we should communicate with each other so that we can provide the best possible beneficial care to our patients.

If you are having NHS treatment your physiotherapist is also welcome to attend your session with us, this is sometimes beneficial for the continuity of your care.

Do I need to have anybody with me during my physiotherapy sessions?

A family member or friend is welcome to be present during your physiotherapy if you feel it will help you, or them, to reinforce your rehab. It is a personal preference some people feel more confident with a member present, others feel distracted, we are happy to support either option if it helps your session.

Do you only treat neurological conditions?

No, the concept of treatment is used for any mobility issues ranging from someone more elderly who has  lost some mobility and balance to younger people with abnormal movement patterns due to back or musculoskeletal issues.

Do you treat children?

Yes, we have a specialised Bobath trained Paediatric Physiotherapist. We also treat those who are no longer children but have congenital mobility or neurological conditions which still need treatment into adulthood.

Is there Parking at your centre in Ormskirk?

Yes, although we are very near the centre of Ormskirk we have our own parking outside the practice.

Can I use your other professionals services eg the Counsellor or Chiropodist if I am not having Physiotherapy?

Yes, appointments can be made with other professionals via our reception.

All enquiries please call 01695 574317 or make an Online Enquiry