Neuro Physiotherapy Chorley

Neuro Physiotherapy Chorley

Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy Chorley is a Leading Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre covering Chorley and the surrounding area.

Neuro Physiotherapy ChorleyOver the past 25 years Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy Chorley have specialised in the field of Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. We have gained Knowledge through experience and always keeping up to date with the cutting edge devolopments in Neuro science and Rehabilitation research.

We treat Patients in Chorley who have Neurological and Mobility problems in Chorley that may have been caused by damage to the brain, Spinal cord, or Nervous system, typically caused by Stroke, Head injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, or prolonged illness resulting in Loss of Mobility.

Neuro Physiotherapy Chorley – Home Visits

We treat patients in their own homes throughout Chorley and West Lancashire and also at our Specialist Rehabilitation Centre in Ormskirk. We have now been established for over 25 years and have fourteen highly trained specialist Neuro Physiotherapists, Speech & Language Therapist, and Occupational Therapists.

All enquiries please call 01695 574317 or make an Online Enquiry